General Update #3 / Sporadic Thoughts

  • If you haven’t listened to Brandon Flowers’ new album, The Desired Effect, yet, you need to right now. Go. Do it. Now.
  • I chose which university I’m going to and paid my $250 tuition/room+board deposit.
  • I just started taking 415mg of Lithium tonight and I’m pretty nervous about the inevitable terrible side effects that will come along with that.
  • My allergies are so horrific right now. Drowsy, always sneezing, my throat hurts constantly. I’ve been taking like, 2 generic antihistamines a day.
  • I’ve only been out of class for 9 days and I already feel like I’m wasting the summer.
  • I’m really tired of getting drunk by myself.
  • I’m really tired of mixed drinks but I’m too much of a pussy to drink any hard liquor straight, except shots.
  • Speaking of, as I took a shot last night of berry-flavored Three Olives, while in pain from the excruciating taste, I thought to myself, God bless America.
  • I smoke way too much
  • Why can’t I sell my blood? Why is it only donate?
  • Speaking of that, there are like, no jobs out there. Maybe that’s mostly due to the fact that I hate everything and am qualified for nothing.
  • My caffeine addiction has peaked and it no longer affects me, so, damn it.
  • I really need to cancel my gym membership but I know it will be a massive hassle. All I’ve found out is that I have to write them a letter. What?
  • My anxiety is at an all-time high and I’m not okay with it.

– Z


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