It’s a beautiful day outside and here I am, sitting in my room, panicking.

I’m trying to decide which university to go to for my BA and MA. I applied and got accepted into three, narrowed it down to two, and now I cannot decide. Both are good schools (one is considered a bit more “prestigious” than the other, but not by much, I don’t think). Both are about an equal distance from my current home. Both have my major, except for one, I have to apply and submit writing samples to get accepted into said major, while with the other, I can jump straight it. Both cost about the same. Both have roughly the same acceptance rate, graduation rate, number of students, etc.

Why am I stressing so much about this? Well, one of the schools gave me a deposit deadline of TOMORROW. I also have not visited either one of these schools yet, which is a huge determining factor, I know, but I’m essentially out of time.

I’m trying to listen to my gut instinct but my gut instinct doesn’t even know.

I just feel really panicked and scared and stressed and I wish someone could make the decision for me. There’s not really one thing that makes me say, OH, I’d rather go here. Nope. I can’t tell if I want to be unconscious, dead, or drunk, but I know I do not want to be in my current state of my mind. I have the desire to scream and cry and punch the wall or maybe drive myself off a cliff or into high-speed traffic.

– Z


3 thoughts on “Help

  1. Ask yourself do you have the time to write samples?
    Could you ring up the school that wants its deposit tomorrow and ask for some more time to view the campus?
    Don’t go with your gut if you don’t know what it is saying.
    I chose the wrong University and I suffered greatly for it. Now all I have is a damn piece of paper saying I have a Degree, but I had no help in what to do after it.


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